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ocean springs ms climate and cost of living
Star Rating - 11/26/2007
The climate here is very hot and humid.The summers last from may on into
november which for me is too long.If you were brought up here maybe you would
think this is normal but i lived in new england and wisconsin before i came
here on a job move in 1991[only choice vs early retirement which i couldnt
afford- US NAVY civil service].

The friendliness of the people is over rated.Yes the people will say hello but there are families related and people who grew up in this area
that make up their social circle.
The cost of housing has shot up dramatically since hurricane katrina.Sperlings says median house is 219,000 dollars and maybe thats a little high but it is very high. The home insurance has sky rocketed especially if you live near the water or in an area that was flooded by katrina.Some people are paying 5000,6000 dollars a year and more.There was
50,000 homes destroyed by katrina and there are still quite a few living in
fema trailers.People are getting rejected for mortgages here because of the
higher cost of the house put together with the home insurance costs.
I have owned a home here since 1994 and i hope its value goes up so next
year when i retire i can get a good price and move back to wisconsin to be
near my grand children[appleton area].I had no flooding or storm damage.
By the way i see comments about humidity in the mid west in the summer.I
visit my daughter in the appleton area a lot at different times of the year.
The humidity in the deep south is much worse than any humidity in the midwest.The humidity in wisconsin comes and goes.The humidity here is solid
for 6 months with no let up plus the hurricane season to sweat out.

DON KUMPUNEN 11/25/2007
GUSORD | Ocean Springs, MS
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