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This is pretty much how it is here its ridiculous, you got east palo alto , fair oaks and redwood they more or less surround the most expensive neighborhoods in the United States Atherton, Menlo Park and palo alto. If you want to report a crime or need help from the police you better be within one of those neighborhoods and better be a resident or your in for a big disappointment . Foster city, Ravenswood redwood city, carson ,palm Park, EPA (especially epa thats a given ) police won't be on scene unless you've been shot or someone is in the process of shooting you all other calls you fill out a online report. Home burglary, mugging s car accidents whatever the cops like take a number were busy . Zero and yes I live in redwood city.
DANIEL | Folsom, CA | Report Abuse
- 7/28/2022
California is a great state. What stopped me from giving it 5 stars is the crime, homeless...
?? | Los Angeles, CA | No Replies

- 6/28/2021
Best place on earth.
Born and raised here - been all around the country and world but California is unrivaled f...
John | Los Angeles, CA | No Replies

- 3/24/2019
Please Don't Move Here, We're Full
We're full. Got enough people already. Don't need to grow our population. Just need to let...
Heather | Encinitas, CA | 2 Replies

- 5/6/2018
This is amazing humans!!!!!
I am sure you like this and I do to you are as great as I am!!! Nyhehe!!!!!!??...
Sofia | Mountain House, CA | 3 Replies

- 12/7/2017
California the Pyrite State
The State of California has been historically the "Golden State" in recent history would b...
Samuel | Temecula, CA | 5 Replies

- 11/16/2017
Really nice place to live but housing market pricing has skyrocketed for rent and home pri...
Melissa | Boise City, ID | 1 Reply