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Nothing To Do? Pshaw!!!
Star Rating - 10/15/2007
I have lived in Sierra Vista for over 25 years, and I think is funny when people say that there is nothing to do.There are two movie theatres,a small mall, and several chain restaurants-Applebee's,Chili's,El Paso,Outback. There is a small indoor mall,Target,Wal-Mart,Blockbuster,Hastings,Lowes,Home Depot and many other retail stores.There is one library,small Community Center,City Park with fairly large indoor swimming pool with tube slide,wave machine and beach entrance.There are many annual events, like:Art in the Park,Cars in the Park,Oktoberfest,US Army Soldier Show,Homeshow,National Riding and Rodeo competitions,4th of July,Cinco de Mayo,small parades and Street Dance to name a few.There are shows and plays at the High School by Alma Delores Dance studio,Limelight Productions, and traveling shows.You can also go catch a football or basketball game at the high school(Go Colts!).Nearby towns are Bisbee(30min,historic,artsy, bohemian),Tombstone(15 min,gun fight shows),Douglas(45 min,Annual County Fair, Mariachis), and Nogales-Mexico(60 min,shopping).Also, a day trip could be taken to the Chiracahua Mountains(beautiful)and located in the Willcox area(75 Min), there's Apple Annie's Orchard-which features hayrides,pumpkin,& apple picking.I believe there is still horseback riding available on Ft Huachuca, and the city of SV has put in several bike paths in different neighborhoods throughout the town for riding or walking.Picnic and hiking areas include Garden Canyon(on Post), Miller Canyon, Carr Canyon and Coronado National Memorial.There are many other groups that meet and classes offered-martial arts, ballroom dance, nude painting, whatever..!Night life is what you want it to be, there are a few bars(ranging from country western to hip-hop),the Palms has a dressy Valentines and New Years dance for couples,there are comedy shows a few times a year up on post with out of town comics, there's karaoke at Famous Sam's once a week,and the happy hours at the restaurants are pretty popular.Pretty much, you make your own fun here, it's not really prefabricated for you,like metro areas.There are plenty of activities to keep any family, single, or retiree busy, if they want to something beside sit around and complain that there is nothing to do.:-)
JustMe | Sierra Vista, AZ
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Some people HAVE TO HAVE the pro team stadiums, art museums, amusement parks, and big name attracting concert centers. Almost all of which also leech off taxpayers and help make places like LA & Chicago go broke.
jon | Pueblo, CO | Report Abuse

Now look at it from the viewpoint of someone younger than 25. Like 16-18 for instance. There is really nothing to do around here. Yeah there is the cove, where the wave machine is broken and the building is closed half the year. There is the VERY small mall, but the only fun you can have at a mall is spending money, which is not something we have in abundance. Yes there are 2 theaters, if you dont mind spending $50 a visit. There is a park, which is an empty field with a playground for kids. And not everyone enjoys traveling to other towns for something to do. There are only so many times you need to see the same gun show in tombstone or the junk stores of bisbee. The least sierra vista could do is add a bowling alley, or an actual teen center. Not nature hikes and bars.
Jaden | Sierra Vista Southeast, AZ | Report Abuse
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