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OK place with terrible climate
Star Rating - 1/20/2020
Idaho Falls is the anchor city for a wide region of smaller cities so the shopping and services are better than you would expect for its population. The cost of living is fairly low and so are wages. The city government works better than most and I have found them very responsive to requests to fix things. Sales tax has gotten out of hand in Idaho, rising to 6% but they tax everything, including groceries at 6%. We pay higher fuel taxes than most other states. Property taxes are reasonable in IF. Electric power is distributed by the city and the per kwh rates are low but the service fee is absurdly high so you can't save money by conserving.

The worst thing about IF is the climate. The winters are brutal, long, dreary and depressing. The salt they spray everywhere on the streets will destroy your car. The summers are hot in July and August and the shoulder seasons are completely ruined by vicious winds. The cold blooded need not apply.
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So its the Midwest with lower taxes?
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