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Low Pay
Star Rating - 12/29/2009
I moved to the NMB area 3 yrs ago and I've got to tell you I wish I hadn't. The pay here is so low it's not even funny. I am a college educated person with many years of experience in my feild, but in this town that doesn't seem to matter whatsoever. Employers here are just plain Cheap. The cost of living is suppossed to be much lower in the south. I haven't seen it. My monthly expences are higher here that they were right outside of DC. The pay in DC was twice what you'll make here so how anyone can say the cost of living is low here is beyond me. You can get a house for alot less than in the DC area but The pay is just way too low. I'm heading out west.
Paul | Longs, SC
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South Carolina is horrible the only good part is the weather. As soon as you realize how beautiful it really is, you then realize how many people around you are drunk driving, selling drugs, selling their bodies or robbing you. Very very stupid uneducated small minded people here, its actually pathetic. People here will rob you blind then beat you up in public because they know they can get away with it. Police here are horrible. This state is an embarrassment to USA dont move here you will regret it
Marie | Pawleys Island, SC
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