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Star Rating - 2/29/2012
I moved here from California in February '2007 with a very open mind. Five years later I want to go home to California. I have had nothing but struggles here in Texas. Lots of good people here but the rude people are really rude and the drivers drive very dangerously. I can guarantee you will get cut off and practically run off the road every single day you choose to pull out of your driveway. Californians are even better drivers. I really miss CA and definitely appreciate now the diversity there. I think I can easily overlook the phoniness of CA in return for leaving a state like TX that has tornadoes, hail and very loud thunderstorms that keep me awake all night. Not to mention the hail. In Summer the heat is excruciating, the sun beats down so hard you feel like you're going to die if you don't get out of it. You really cannot go out much and enjoy the outdoors because the extreme weather conditions just don't permit it. And most of the jobs are low paying. It really doesn't matter if you are educated or not. Housing may be cheaper, but the taxes are very high, and the bigger house you get the more you pay. It really is the Wild West, and they are proud of it too. I like the law that let's you shoot somebody breaking in to your house, understandably. But there seems to be a group of people here (natives) who can be very abusive with their authority. A friend told me her boss (who is Mexican) was pulled over just outside is Southlake, TX affluent housing community and hand cuffed BEFORE the police checked is I.D. and realized that he HAD NOT stolen the luxury vehicle he was driving and he DID live in the area. The poor man was so humiliated he drove to work and went straight into his office at the bank and just sat there in shock for a bit before he told his colleagues what had happened. Another time, myself and my hubby were at a red light in our old Volvo and an older woman rear ended us HARD, it turned out she was on medication, but she got out of her car stumbling all over the road telling me its alright there's no damage. Unfortunately I have nerve damage on my spine now. The woman hopped in her car and took off, she refused to pull over, we had to chase her down with 911 on the phone and when the Southlake cops got there , they were very protective of her and tried to send us away quickly. It was a hit and run and they didn't even care, her husband came and got her. She must have known somebody. This is common behavior here in Texas. At the Resort where I recently worked for 2 years, I witnessed this same behavior, if you know somebody you can get away with murder here. We have seen 2 drunk drivers get off with a slap on the wrist after calling cops on them and the cops acted like we overreacted. Just the other night I watched a crazy drunk take out a center island. I didn't bother calling the cops. They just don't care here. There's pot holes everywhere, so plan on getting your car aligned regularly and replacing your tires often. Hate to be so negative, but if honesty is what you want, well I am just being honest. On the postive side, I have met a lot of really nice people and I am sure we will be friends long after I leave Texas with the dust in the wind behind me, and never looking back!
Caroline | Southlake, TX
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Laura has the unique ability to showcase exactly the sort of ugliness Caroline was talking about. Way to go Laura! Show us that fine reactionary vituperative Texas spirit like a toddler who doesn't get her way.
Ryan | Watauga, TX | Report Abuse

Go back to California!! I just get back from California!! What a mess traffic was horrible. 45 minutes to drive a mile, lost my flight I hate California. Please just pack and go back. We don't need people like you here in texas. Hope you are in California now!!!
Laura | Krum, TX | Report Abuse
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