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Cement polution is a major problem in NB.
Star Rating - 7/17/2017
I lived in NB for only about 4 months because of the extreme reaction I had to the cement polution in the area. There are two large cement plants to the north and south that polute the area. I had to leave because I was having trouble breathing. If I had to do it over again, I'd pick a place to the west. If you drive to the west of NB about 15 miles, the air is noticable cleaner and the sky is more blue. But the downtown area of NB is really nice. That's why I moved there to begin with. I didn't realize I was so allergic to cement dust. When it rains, you can see the white streaks of stone dust on your car. yuck!! Lots of fire ants too.
Joe | Elizabeth Lake, CA
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Is this still the case? Almost 2020
Sarah | Temecula, CA | Report Abuse
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