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El Paso is a great place in the high desert!!
Star Rating - 1/7/2021
I am a native El Pasoan and I feel that El Paso has a an almost perfect quality of life if you like sunshine, affordable homes, mountains, a safe community, wonderful local restaurants plus a terrific diverse community that is welcoming respectful, kind and inclusive. Once you live here in the high desert you realize how fabulous the weather is and how marvelous the sunsets are with almost no humidity and very moderate winters! The people of El Paso are the most genuine and friendly in all of Texas!
Debbi | El Paso, TX
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As an outsider that lived in El Paso from 1998 to 2004, left for 15 years, and now back again for the last 3, I can tell you that after traveling throughout the East Coast, the Pacific Northwest, and to some other countries. The most racism I have ever experienced started here in El Paso, people here are so selfish and devoid of interest in other people's well being and safety, everyone including cops and semi truck drivers use their cellphone while driving, road rage is a daily thing also. People do not respond to a simple salute, less say thanks. I mean if you are a native to this county is easy to live blindfolded to the reality specially if there is no comparison to an outside environment as most people who comment this way, have never left the area. It used to be good back in 1998, but now in 2021, it is a completely aggresive and unethical environment to live let alone raise a family.
Gabe | El Paso, TX | Report Abuse
- 9/15/2021
El Paso Texas might not be a mega-metropolis with the New York and LA style entertainment,...
Albert | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 6/21/2021
El Paso is wack and boring
I am a native from El Paso Was raised in the working class area in the east side of El Pas...
Brandon | Socorro, TX | No Replies

- 6/21/2021
El Paso - In a Nutshell
I've lived in El Paso for the past three years. Having grown up in the greater Phoenix ar...
Michael | El Paso, TX | 1 Reply

- 3/24/2021
Leave the County to have a comparison!
As an outsider that lived in El Paso from 1998 to 2004, left for 15 years, and now back ag...
Gabe | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 12/2/2020
El Paso, The Sun City
El Paso is a great bilingual city, if you are a close minded person who thinks that we sho...
Adrian | El Paso, TX | No Replies

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