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depressing please go somewhere else maybe
Star Rating - 4/9/2022
ive lived half of my life in seattle and half now in portland, i loved these cities growing up but in recent years, its been going downhill, finally moved to boston. portland has a special place in my heart, the old portland still does, i remember going to downtown with family, enjoying the local dining spots, these days, its been three years, i don't want to even go, last time i went to visit my friend, we were harassed by this crazy guy, i don't feel safe in this city, and talk to any local portlanders and you'll hear from them, a lot of people that live here basically HATE this place, i have friends who are dying to get the hell out of here.
nesha | Bethany, OR
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- 8/2/2022
Beautiful recreation, hypocritical people
Portland is a super unique place. It is both one of the greatest and one of the crappiest ...
Tyler | Murrieta, CA | No Replies

- 11/11/2021
Portland. A Critically broken & ill City.
I've lived in Portland for over 20 years (split with a 10 year move to Los Angeles) and it...
Alexander | Portland, OR | No Replies

- 9/30/2021
Really like overall, but definitely a few issues
I've lived in Portland for almost five years. I love the neighborhood feel where I live. ...
Dana | Portland, OR | 1 Reply

- 8/3/2021
Could’ve been something but took a bad turn.
Lived in Oregon for 29 years, Portland for 3. Early on, the homeless problem was prevalent...
Max | Tigard, OR | No Replies

- 8/2/2021
You can do better
Lived here most of my adult life. Portland went from a fun, lively, friendly city to what ...
Chris | Hillsboro, OR | No Replies

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