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Star Rating - 5/1/2008
Sunnyvale, California is the second largest city in Santa Clara County with a little over 100,000 people. San Jose is the largest with over 900,000 residents. Located on the peninsula and next to San Francisco Bay, Sunnyvale is strategically situated between San Francisco and San Jose.

Although the price of housing is one of the most expensive anywhere in the country, it is stiil a desirable area to live with low crime rates, a pleasnt climate, and entertainment ranging from sports to opera to wine tasting nearby.

Part of the reason for the diversity is that Sunnyvale is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Major employment includes everything from defense contractors to chip makers to start ups in energy and wireless technology. With this strong immersion in technology, there is also a need for major support including hotels, restaurants, and the need for a quality school district.

City hall is run with a city council which elects a mayor from within it's ranks while a city manager runs the day to day operations with a team of experts in the background. The voters just approved a new library for the city. Sunnyvale Library has the only west coast Patent Library.
Patrick | Sunnyvale, CA
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Sunnyvale is a very nice city to live in. Not overly crowded. Houses are close together th...
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