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Star Rating - 4/26/2009
Allentown is a great place to live and raise a family. We have lived in in a historic house in center city for the last 12 years and just love it. We have two children ages six and ten. We have a tremendous park system, good schools and inexpensive quality of life. The city has an excellent art museum, Baum school of art, discovery science center and symphony hall, all with wonderful childrens programs and classes. If your kids are into art and science this is the place to live. Many new companies are also moving into the area. I would recommend this city to new families, it has many great qualities that make it a great place to live, work and play.
pawlowski | Allentown, PA
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Pawlowki? Isn't that the name of the Mayor of Allentown? And doesn't he live in center city? Must be a coincidence!
Frank | Lansdale, PA
- 5/21/2015
Lots to do here
This is a beautiful place, kept clean by weekly street sweeping. A multitude of parks exis...
Starr | Allentown, PA | No Replies

- 12/6/2010
If you like the changing seasons this is the place for you. In the summer it can get to th...
Silas | Allentown, PA | No Replies

- 1/5/2009
Crime Ridden with No Plan
Allentown is crime ridden and its gotten worse over the years.My entire apartment complex ...
D.J. | Allentown, PA | No Replies

- 10/15/2008
Allentown is on the right track
More and more new people seem to find something to love about Allentown every day, making ...
MATTHEW | Allentown, PA | No Replies

- 3/16/2008
I've lived here my whole life and noticed that in recent years there's been an influx of m...
Brian | Laurys Station, PA | No Replies

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