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Star Rating - 11/15/2006
Laguna Beach is peaceful and beautiful. If you have the money for housing you will enjoy living here. However, during the seasonal Pageant of the Masters and Summer Art Festival, the traffic is unmanageable. You would be better tracvelling before 6am and after 11pm from July to Sept.
You can hike in mountains and be at the beach in the same time, less than 2 minutes. It is beautiful and incredible. I wish I could afford the million dollar house I live in.
Sean | Laguna Beach, CA
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- 11/1/2012
Laguna Beach
... always great to go home to. But i don't live there now, haven't for 10 years. Beautifu...
kirsten | Mission Viejo, CA | No Replies

- 9/9/2009
Best weather
Mediterranean climate, one of the best in the world...
Steve | Laguna Beach, CA | No Replies

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