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a mostly negative place to live
Star Rating - 4/27/2020
don't come here if you are not from the desert. it gets too hot here . unless you have enuf money to live somewhere that has good air conditioning then this is not a good place to go. i have lived here since the middle of March 2011 and now it's almost the end of April 2020. it's not just the heat that is awful .alot of people are mean here .they are clicky/clannish here . it's not easy to make friends here unless your into being like that . there's alot of bars here and they have 2 casinos but not much else other than the tech schools and university . the cops are bad here. here in El Paso then it doesn't matter if you have bruises or not .if someone punched your head multiple times over and over all at once then you should be able to talk to the police and for them to arrest the person..but no the cops here in El Paso will just say that you are on meth even though you are not on meth . the cops are really ignorant here . even when I did have big dark bruises then a cop did nothing and would not file a report for me to press charges . he laughed and left me at the hospital .the nurse was surprised .I had large dark bruises from abuse . I was not on drugs anytime I talked to cops or using drugs yet they treated me that way .it's not a good place to live when you can't call the police because they will treat victims badly. I want to also say that there is alot of prejudice against people who are thin or normal weight. I was skinny shamed here . most people in El Paso are overweight and I guess that's why I got skinny shamed by cops and random people . I was not underweight and I was never on meth but I've always been thin my entire life . if you are different like you are very quiet or something seems different about you to them, then they automatically accuse you of being on hard drugs. there are alot of drugs and drug people in El Paso but the cops are so ignorant here, that they accuse people who do not even use hard drugs . I don't recommend El Paso as a good place to live for all the reasons I said and not just the heat .
miriam | El Paso, TX
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- 1/7/2021
El Paso is a great place in the high desert!!
I am a native El Pasoan and I feel that El Paso has a an almost perfect quality of life if...
Debbi | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 12/2/2020
El Paso, The Sun City
El Paso is a great bilingual city, if you are a close minded person who thinks that we sho...
Adrian | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 11/16/2020
Medio/ Medio is El Paso.
El Paso is tough during the lockdowns, but then too is the situation everywhere these days...
tony | Colorado Springs, CO | No Replies

- 3/31/2020
Good for most...but not for me
I’ve lived in this desert city for 5 years now. I came from New Mexico so all I know is is...
Aaron | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 10/20/2019
El Paso is an awesome place to live in.
El Paso is unlike many other cities in the US. Living in El Paso is living in two worlds w...
Ivan | El Paso, TX | No Replies

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