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Star Rating - 6/16/2014
fleming county is the cost of living in the area? i just want a peaceful piece of land..i lived in richmond indiana town of 50,000 people..i had my car beat up and other stuff done...i'm just ready to go to the my dogs can run of course in a fenced in area..i'm 54 yrs old..retired due to a back injury...i'm from the country growing up...i hate if anyone could tell me about the area...looking to buy a 5 acres tract in fleming county....
timothy | Richmond, IN
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My family recently moved to Kentucky from Colorado, we lived there 13 years and are from Michigan originally. I moved to Muses Mills, KY which is between Morehead and Flemingsburg in Fleming County. We moved here in May of 2013 so have been here for over a year now. I absolutely love it. Flemingsburg has some of the friendliest people in the businesses and stores that I have seen anywhere. Chatty, cheerful, and happy to help in anyway they can. People wave at each other as they drive on the roads. We are attending the local church here and the people in the church are the best I've ever met. Anything I have needed, they have gone out of their way to make us welcome and help us in anyway they can. Fleming County is a dry county, there are no alcohol sales here. Drugs are a problem and there are some theft problems because of the drugs but having lived in different places, I find that is a problem everywhere . Unfortunately, it's a sign of the times. There are a lot of people on assistance here, but I was surprised that most of the places around this county are well kept. Driving around the county, most lawns are kept nicely and homes are in good repair. The cost of living is not really any lower here than anywhere else. I was surprised, thinking it would be cheaper but prices are right up there. Gas, groceries, and the taxes are right up there, too. They are the same as everywhere else. I will mention that there is no animal shelter here....people don't care for animals as much and there are a lot of dogs and cats roaming on the roads. I see a lot of dead dogs laying beside the road and a lot of dogs running on the roads. There some of the good and bad....hope that helps!
Georgene | Wallingford, KY | Report Abuse
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