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Review of Shawnee, Oklahoma

I think it might have been ok
Star Rating - 1/22/2018
I think this might have been ok, but I needed a different approach. I could have rented a place here - had some very open landlords that had some decent, affordable places.

The school district here and surrounding did want me. I am in another State now, but have been back to OK, and looking at it from a different perspective now, I do like it.

I doubt I will go back, but would consider it. I may list this as a favorite. When I left, a Pastor urged me not to go - even to come back. I think this was positive.

I was hurt by somebody from OK City and it had to do with religion. I have been hurt by religion a LOT.

I am religious - very. Its a driving force in my life.

But I'm not sure why I am hurt in it a lot. But that's been some of my problem in settling into a community.

If a church hurts me, I leave. It sort of breaks my heart, spiritually. If local churches would be better to me, it would help me hugely!

As it was, a clergyman from OK City was verbally abusive to me. And I left.

But I think either Shawnee or Ok City itself might have worked for me. But not the way I tried.

I tried through a housing program and it was managed by Native Americans. Now I have nothing against Native Americans, but not sure they did not have something against me!

Anyway, they dropped me from the program, suddenly with no warning, when I had found a place to live...

They thought I had the money for it and I did not!

I was at a low point (a lot of my issue was not, not having money - but cash flow because I am paid once a month by Education), and so they just dropped me on my head! (figuratively).

Otherwise, I did like Shawnee! Sweet community and I think it might have been just fine.

Schools in OK might have been fine too. Very possibly. I was invited by a few.

So too bad I ran into the wrong person, got scared and left. Ended up in a worse place. And working my way out of that mess now.

I rate Shawnee, and OKlahoma city and Oklahoma as really and truly OK. I have a church I still sometimes have attended there and like! (and I'm welcome there too).

But I think southern culture is detrimental to me overall. But really, I thought Oklahoma was kind and fair, overall. (I do recommend it!)

Brenda | Wichita, KS
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