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Redwood City is in the middle of silicon vallye
Star Rating - 10/20/2014
Silicon valley has vibrant and booming economy, i live in Redwood City because it is in the middle and i can go to work for companies from San Francisco to San Jose.
Luda | Redwood City, CA
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- 12/28/2020
More Bang for one's Buck in Bay Area Terms
The entire Bay Area is ridiculous. You can't compare it to other areas. RWC is reasonably ...
Ra | Redwood City, CA | No Replies

- 10/7/2018
Nice place, but being paved with apartments.
Lovely weather. Safe place to live (I live in Redwood Shores). The only thing that keeps...
Lori | Redwood City, CA | No Replies

- 2/24/2011
Climate is realy Best by government test
Moving to Redwood City from upstate NY, it is realy a pleasure to be able to go out for a ...
Gil | Redwood City, CA | No Replies

- 11/30/2010
Great proximity and (relative!) affordability
Redwood City is one of the most affordable places to live on the Peninsula. Besides havin...
John | Redwood City, CA | No Replies

- 12/28/2008
Redwood city
Overall, Redwood City is a nice place to live. It is in the middle of the Bay Area suburb...
Jeff | Redwood City, CA | No Replies

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