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stay away
Star Rating - 5/31/2010
Moved to this horrible town about five years ago. When first arriving I just couldn't believe my eyes..I can't believe this town has not been condemned. The older homes here aren't even liveable. 90% of these homes should be torn down. There is no culture or class here. When you go out to eat expect to see people wearing their pajama bottoms. There is no good customer service here...they think that if you don't like the way they treat you then go some place else...because there is no place else to go in this town. The mall here is a joke...never have I seen anything like it. The weather here is cold and miserable...expect 10 months of winter....I have so much else to write but so little space. If at all possible my advice to you is to go someplace will be very unhappy here as I am.

carol | Butte-Silver Bow, MT
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- 5/30/2019
Not for me.
I was excited about moving to Butte--I used to visit a lot in college, and fell in love wi...
Maura | Butte-Silver Bow, MT | No Replies

- 10/7/2018
Unique, Cheap & Scenic
I feel compelled to comment on my adopted hometown after reading the interesting and not ...
Mojave | Butte-Silver Bow, MT | No Replies

- 3/27/2018
Its like living in a Steven King movie
We moved to Butte because my wife said she liked the look of the old timey western buildin...
Dissapointed | Butte-Silver Bow, MT | 1 Reply

- 1/15/2015
A town with deep (literally) roots in Montana's history. The community struggles with bein...
WD | Butte, MT | No Replies

- 11/5/2012
new business growth
I wish too express my interest in growth of business in Butte MT. As it appears alot of ...
Harlan | Butte, MT | No Replies

- 8/30/2012
the neighborhood is very nice. the schools are also decent....
rachel | Butte, MT | No Replies

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