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Weather,Water,and everything is close. But....
Star Rating - 7/7/2018
Hetchy Hechy water is very pure,the summers are about 78f..warm enough. Winters are sunny for the most part and by average.One University and one College in this small city and two BART stations. Supermarkets galore and in every flavor. Diverse ethnic population.The worst part is traffic and noise. That whole fad of fast and loud has permeated the city. Not a quiet city at all. Too many biker and hot rod lovers and the city council and do nothing Mayor has not done anything to make that better.Cheaper then most of the bay area to live..but my advice is look over your neighbors and what they drive very carefully. I would rather buy a house that's a little worn in the quiet hills..then a some new model in the flats.
stan | Hayward, CA
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I moved to Hayward CA from West Allis Wi in 1969 -- Via exiting US Army in the Bay Area. Cannot imagine going back to Wisconsin winters. The weather here is Mediterranean [neither too hot nor too cold] year round. It is centrally located giving great access to San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley, 3 International Airports, great freeway access to the Ocean, Inland Deserts and Mountains. In the same day you can get a suntan and go snow skiing [in winter]. There IS a lot of traffic because we are where the roads cross. But the smart people avoid it by choosing the correct neighborhood. My wife [52 years] and I have lived in the SAME house for 49 years because we took the time to research the area. We have a VERY nice park 1.5 blocks away; The largest area shopping mall is 1 mile away, our church 2 miles; the Post Office, Police Station, Court House, County Buildings are within 3 to 5 blocks; Great North/South/East/West freeway access is 1/2 mile; several major food stores, barbers, beauty salons, dry cleaning, and tons of local AUTHENTIC ethnic restaurants are within 2 miles; BART is 1.2 miles; great schools, University, Junior college, Industrial Parks, etc. are within 5 minutes travel; Silicon Valley is 20 - 30 minutes travel. Our neighborhood CAN be a bit noisy; but not excessively so; Very mixed ethnically but everyone gets along and racism is NOT a problem. The city is well managed, clean, up to date lighting, good streets and roads that are well maintained and access to officials and departments is quick, simple, and easy and they are VERY responsive. We love it here and cannot imagine living anywhere else.
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- 9/27/2019
I've lived in Hayward for 20 years. Traditionally a working class...
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- 10/6/2014
I have no car
convenient BART and bus if you have no car....
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- 9/5/2006
Weather in Hayward, CA
Hayward has beautiful weather. We have mild winters and warm summers....
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