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Star Rating - 6/26/2019
It’s good and bad, great for the anyone making 6 figures and a professional and drives 30 miles over the speed limit like they do. Iowa is the top ten of lowest minimum wage at $10 an hour if your PT. And they do not budge. If you don’t drive a truck, delivery, construction, or fast food, you must have a masters to get a real paying job. House prices really are $245,000 and up in a non criminal neighborhood for a 3,2, small lot. Cost of living is not less than the US average, gas is 30—45 cents higher, meat is outrageous and the vegetables and fruit do not last more than 2 days after bought because they are overripe by the time they get here, and you will pay $124 for a simple doctors visit of ten mins.
There is nothing to do here for teens or children over 10, everything closes at 9 and traffic is obsolete after 10pm. No one stays up after 11pm if that and this is a city. Iowa is one of the highest top ten in income taxes for the state. People will take from you like it’s their right, they never say hello ever, or thank you, or even acknowledge your presence half the time. Most people don’t believe me until they visit me from out of state and see what I mean. Women have kids at sixteen and are married at least twice by age 27, each kid by a different man. They will come on to you in front of their husbands or boyfriends, it’s weird, no morals. I hate Iowa and glad to be leaving here. Iowans can eat themselves to extinction!
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- 3/26/2019
It's ok Property values and property taxes, INSANE
Lived here for 10+ years. It is an ok place to live. It has everything anyone could ever...
E | Urbandale, IA | No Replies

- 1/27/2018
overpriced everything and unfriendly
The shock is housing prices here are comparable to bigger cities like Charlotte, Dallas a...
Jane | Marengo, IA | 1 Reply

- 9/15/2016
Not a city for renters
I will be moving to Des Moines due to a job offer. Little did I know that it is extremely ...
Tyler | Tucson, AZ | No Replies

- 12/24/2014
Good housing value for most
I'm living in a hotel in Des Moines and looking for a place to live. What I've found is t...
Daniel | Des Moines, IA | No Replies

- 3/23/2014
Late night eating
I just drove all over Urbandale, Clive, and West Des Moines looking for a place to get a b...
Dale | Urbandale, IA | No Replies

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