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Crime increasing
Star Rating - 8/27/2013
I have lived here for 12 years and in a smaller town 20 miles away for over 35 years and like the people. But crime is on the rise, more arrests lately related to people making meth in their homes, it's so shocking. A small presence now of gang activity as more people from Chicago have moved into the area and they are not the type you want in your community. Lafayette and other cities need to make it mandatory that if one wants social services you must agree to drug testing first and if you are positive for drug use then no food stamps, HUD etc. We still have time to turn this around in our community. This is still a nice small town atmosphere and we can keep it that way with some changes.
Maxine | Lafayette, IN
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- 10/19/2012
Home of Purdue University
Lafayette still has a small town atmosphere. It is a wonderful place to raise children. Th...
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- 4/12/2011
Lafayette, going downhill due to crimes and drugs.
I can say I have lived in Lafayette Indiana for 25 years. I'll say that home is home...but...
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Love the Outdoors?
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Look closer at Lafayette
My wife and I, both in our late 20's, have lived in Lafayette for two years. We can attest...
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- 4/26/2008
Lafayette is a nice place to raise a family.
Lafayette, Indiana is across the river from Purdue University making this small town sligh...
Abhd | Lafayette, IN | 1 Reply

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