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10/10 would live here again
Star Rating - 10/17/2017
Floods, tornadoes, cold winters, hot summers, lot of crime, not much good education. But atleast it's not Clinton
Donnie | Waterloo, IA | Send Message
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Too many big trucks and small minds!!
AJ | Waterloo, IA | Send Message
- 3/27/2009
Bike Racks on the MET Buses
The bike racks recently installed on the MET buses was a great idea for a community that h...
Mark | Waterloo, IA | No Replies

- 12/1/2008
Not Much to Do
Unless you're into getting wasted on a regular basis there's not a lot to do here. Most pe...
Bp | Waterloo, IA | No Replies

- 8/22/2008
So the weather is emotional here - on and off during the summer its hot and rainy, yet dur...
Nicholas | Waterloo, IA | No Replies

- 4/19/2008
the Cedar Valley is a great place to live
We've lived in the Cedar Valley region of northeast Iowa - centered on Waterloo/Cedar Fall...
sjd | Waterloo, IA | No Replies

- 2/17/2008
Waterloo - Pros/Cons
Pros: 1. Low crime rate 2. Extremely low cost of living and housing 3. Affordable place...
Clint | Barry, IL | 1 Reply

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