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Star Rating - 5/14/2018
Perhas if one is from this area, it is different I don't know. It is so dull and seems comfortable being so. There isn't much of a variety of people here, which I don't get
It is basically a bedroom community of Tampa and Orlando. Yet people wise the variety isn't there. Poor whites and blacks. Hispanic and retirees from the midwest. In all fairness there are higher income types here also. The income disparity and class divide is very noticeable. I find it very impersonal here, which I find a serious problem in Fla. I'm not comfortable with the lack of genuinely nice people here. Whether its the high poverty levels. or how insular many seem here
I simply am not comfortable with this type of population. I am always having to say hello, to people that rarely exchange a kind word. Not a neighborly community. One must drive everywhere. Few selection of quality grocers.
Everything is the expensive almighty Publix. Mediocre Medical choices. Mainly I miss a good conversation with someone that can have one. The education seems to be very subpar.
My house is up for sale, after 3 years in Lakeland. I have no desire to see this state again.

Edward | Lakeland, FL
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