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It is what you make of it
Star Rating - 9/22/2017
I moved to the area 36 plus years ago. I attended public school and my sisters attended private school. I worked for a local company for 24 years, I'm married and I own a home. The people who live on my street are from the north-east and the mid-west, and others like my wife were born here. We work locally, our children attend school in the community, we shop locally, attend church in our community, and we are involved politically. My home has never been robbed, or my vehicle stollen. The Sheriff keeps our community safe, and help is a 911 call away. Pay around this area might not be the best, but it's not expensive to live here. The grocery stores are clean, the people are polite; if you get a flat tire, someone will always offer to help, and the people remember you in the businesses you frequent.
Lakeland is a good place to live, raise a family.
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