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Lies, lies, lies
Star Rating - 4/9/2007
I just have to reply to the comment below:

"Portland does have a very damp climate, except during the summer. However, if you check the stats you'll see that Atlanta has more rain than Portland! So don't believe ALL the hype about Portland and all that rain!"

Um, no, you SHOULD believe all that hype about the rain. The aforementioned statement is a typical, defensive argument that is made by native Oregonians who won't dare let a bad thing be said about their preshus Portland.

Here's the truth: It probably does rain more in Atlanta than it does in Portland; however, Oregon's rainfall is stretched out over nine months. NINE. Whereas Atlanta has normal, sporadic rain and thunderstorms.

Here's the other thing the natives don't like to talk about ('cause there is no argument for this): The Gray. Gray skies loom over Portland for -- guess how long -- nine months! That's right. So, if it's not raining, it's, at the very least, gray. You can go MONTHS without having seen the sun. That alone is enough to make you want to kill yourself, regardless of whether there is a constant drizzle from October to July.

Kings_Deer | Woodmoor, CO
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