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Seattle, WA

Seattle aka furry con 24 7 - 6/1/2014
If you live in and work in the tech industry you chances are you know at least 1 or 5. Furries are a huge thing here in the Seattle and surrounding areas. They have meet ups all the time and even a convention called "Rain Furrest" They tend to be white middle to upper class guys. Most of winch are gay, although you would not know it unless they told you. They always are invading Capital Hill (gay district of Seattle). I had no idea util one of my co-works was talking about furries things...Turns out there are at least 10 of them in my department.

I guess if you are a fan of the fur, Seattle is a great place to be. Not so much of one myself but I had to write this because I was fascinated when I found this out. Been trying to encourage one of them to come to work in suit, that would be XD!!

Austin, TX

re: Austin Is Not For Everyone - 7/30/2012
- 1/2/2013
The parks are really really busy, and that's because the park system is non-existent?! I think that they're really really busy because they're really awesome and lots of us want to go there a lot. Ever been to McKinney Falls? Enchanted Rock? Zilker Botanical Gardens? Fiesta Gardens? Just a few of our wonderful parks (some state park, some municipal).

Your yard was juniper, cacti, agave and rock... because that's what the landscape looks like here, at least west of the Balcones faultline. Do you blame Arizona because your yard would be rocks and sand and cacti? How can you expect lush, verdant Pacific NW or Florida foliage without Pacific NW or Florida rainfall?! Adjust your expectations. Our yard is xeriscaped with rocks and native plants that survive without irrigation, is one-fifth the size of yours and about three times further from downtown, and my husband and I carpool to downtown in our hybrid car.

Yes, traffic sucks. Because they don't have an urban planning commission trying to turn us into cracker-box Manhattan density.

A lot of your gripes about the people sound like you're confusing "old Austin" people with recent transplants. If they moved here before 1995 or so, they've probably gone native, but more recent transplants moved from big city California (and elsewhere, but mostly CA) and brought all their crap with them. Sounds like you just want to live in a small town with big city culture, and you just can't support those institutions without a large population and all its attendant inconveniences. I'm sorry. It's still the best place in the world for me.

Austin, TX

re: Why is this City so high on Recommended Places
- 1/2/2013
Um, what?! We don't have a *state* *income* tax, but we absolutely have sales tax here. 8.25% in Austin within Travis County. And even if we didn't have a sales tax, how on Earth could "the state" raise the price on everything else?!

You *can* find racism and sexism here if you look for it, just like you can find racial tolerance and equality in Starke, Florida; i.e., it'll be the vast minority.

You're absolutely right. This place sucks, especially the allergies and traffic. Stay the hell wherever it is you are and don't come here!

Las Vegas, NV

re: the pros and cons - 1/28/2011
- 8/6/2011
I have live in Las Vegas for almost 2 years now. I Agree and disagree with some of the reviews here. Here are my pro's and cons.

Construction completed fast here. Finished in days instead of weeks.
Affordable housing! We bought our home for cash so we are set.
The market has hit bottom here so now is the time to buy.
Jobs are starting to pickup again.
Great city for Younger couples without kids!
Great city for singles.
You cant ask for better nightlife.
Great safe pet friendly parks. Some of the biggest I've seen
Beautiful areas for outdoor activities just outside the valley.
Diverse food culture. As a foodie I love all the options here.
Colorful people. Everyone is from somewhere else. Makes for great stories.

At the beginning it was hard to find any work. Job market is a little better now.
Not a child friendly city. Wouldn't have kids here.
Man is it HOT!
ALOT of Illegal immigrants. We need to get them citizenship so they can pay taxes.
Quality of neighborhoods are very erratic. Million dollar homes across from slums. Kinda funny when you see it.
Limited jobs means its hard to get health/dental insurance of any kind. Not sure if that's just here though.

In the end its all about what you want out of where you live. I'm here to enjoy the sites and sounds with my wife. Trust me though, when we want kids we will move. As for the people, I think Las Vegas has about as many "crazies" as any other large buzzing city. Ive live in Los Angeles, NY, and Seattle. Its the same everywhere you go. Just walk past them and enjoy everything else about this city.

Eureka, CA

re: dont move here - 12/7/2010
- 3/5/2011
Can anyone translate this into English?

Gainesville, FL

Small MEAN Town - 8/10/2009
GAINESVILLE IS HOOORIBLE!! I was born in Tallahassee, Florida , The state capital. And I Moved to Gainesville at 16 and I lived there for 2 years , im 19 now , we moved back to Tallahassee and I am now attneding Florida State University, Now , when I lived there , there was NO Growth , no night life , the mall closed at 7:30 on weekends , everyone was MEAN , schools were rated Horrible, and when I moved back to Tallahassee , I was Amazed about the new High Rise buildings that ere constructe din such little time , so thats why we moved back , want to move to Gainesville? THINK AGAIN!

St. Louis, MO

Believe the reports, crime is really that bad - 7/15/2007
I've lived in St. Louis city, north of Forest Park, for 5 years and in two apartments...both in supposedly respectable neighborhoods. In that time, I've two car windows smashed, nearly walked through a shootout on the street, and routinely alter my daily routine so I don't have to walk home in the dark. My girlfriend had her apartment burglarized and sacked, car window smashed, and is routinely harassed on her walk to the Metro (probably 3 of 5 week days). I don't know ANYONE who's lived here for an extended time and not had a window smashed. Property crime is a matter of fact. Kids from the poorer neighborhoods to the north play "throw a rock and run" like I used to play capture the flag. The threat of violent crime and assault is always present.

Before some igonoramus objects and says "if you live in a city, you have to be smart and careful, and you'll be fine"...let me say that I've lived in Chicago and San Francisco, and neither the bums of Chicago nor the burned-out hippes of SF hold a candle to the ever-present crime in St. Louis city. This is a textbook example of economic and social depression--the poorer (mostly black) folks resent the more affluent (mostly white) students and professionals.

The crime impacts my daily life. I used to bike to/from work (~6 miles), but was nearly killed twice in the same week...by angry drivers. I used to commute by Metro (light rail) until I was followed home by someone who attempted to steal my satchel bag(with laptop). So now I drive everywhere, and don't walk/run/exercise outside after sunset (which is a royal shame, because during the summer it gets pretty hot during the days!)

Public schools are pitiful, across the board. In fact, local St. Louisans don't ask what you do for a living, they ask where you went to high school...because the public/private classification is ubiquitous. Families here pay to send their children to private school before paying their mortgages...because the public schools are that bad. Everyone on the public school board ships their own kids to private schools outside the city borders, sad, huh?

St. Louis IS slightly cheaper in terms of naive cost-of-living. But add in a smashed car window or two each year (unless you have a secure garage) to your transportation costs. Add gas and mileage for driving everywhere after dark. Add in the cost sending your children to private schools. And now you're looking at significantly elevated cost of living, relative to o

Portland, OR

Lies, lies, lies
- 4/9/2007
I just have to reply to the comment below:

"Portland does have a very damp climate, except during the summer. However, if you check the stats you'll see that Atlanta has more rain than Portland! So don't believe ALL the hype about Portland and all that rain!"

Um, no, you SHOULD believe all that hype about the rain. The aforementioned statement is a typical, defensive argument that is made by native Oregonians who won't dare let a bad thing be said about their preshus Portland.

Here's the truth: It probably does rain more in Atlanta than it does in Portland; however, Oregon's rainfall is stretched out over nine months. NINE. Whereas Atlanta has normal, sporadic rain and thunderstorms.

Here's the other thing the natives don't like to talk about ('cause there is no argument for this): The Gray. Gray skies loom over Portland for -- guess how long -- nine months! That's right. So, if it's not raining, it's, at the very least, gray. You can go MONTHS without having seen the sun. That alone is enough to make you want to kill yourself, regardless of whether there is a constant drizzle from October to July.

Portland, OR

portland is terrible
- 8/8/2006
the people are clannish, the weather atrocious, and the government is imported from the east coast. they are trying to make portland like new york, and the yuppies have made it overpriced, but its still a backwater town. the local color has been plowed under in the name of rampaging development. dont believe the numbers that say that portland has grown only .98 percent since 2000.. its been flooded with people moving there, and there are no jobs unless you like service industry, manufacturing, or a grinding, soulless corporate or government job.

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