Review of Bakersville, North Carolina

Star Rating - 1/27/2008
We lived in the outskirts of Bakersville, NC for six years and found that the people were very nice. However, they did not like outsiders and although everyone invites you to their church, no one invites you to their house. The locals keep to themselves and want nothing to do with the people moving in. This leaves you with other outsiders as your only social contact. They are very close-minded and want nothing to do with anything progressive, even if it works better, the old ways were best. We got very lonely after six years as we were retired and didn't need to work, so had little outside contact other than going to church on Sundays.
Needless to say, we moved back to Delaware where we had grown up and lived all our working lives. At least we know where everything is located!
Good luck!!
Judy | Port Penn, DE
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I have experienced the same thing. Been here three years. Kids experience the same thing. We will move after graduation. It's a shame because it is a beautiful location but the town seems to be dying. Nothing for kids to do and no hope for young adults who stay. Many turn to meth.
Jane | Bakersville, NC
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