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Star Rating - 8/4/2008
I live in paradise, the people are absolutly wonderful and very friendly.

We just had our community fair called the Highland fling & it was so enjoyable. On Saturday it started out with a 5K, followed by a pancake breakfast, parade, concerts, exhibits and fireworks. Highland is location about 25 miles south of Salt Lake City, we are nestled at the base of the mountains on both the east and north side of the valley and I mean 5 minutes away and you are right in there. The streets are lined with beautiful homes, we still have a touch of the country as I hear the roosters crow in the morning & the meadowlarks singing away. It is not too uncommon to go for a walk and see a fox dart across the trail, or sometimes smell the odor of a skunk (which is not pleasant) but the horses are beautiful as they graze in the fields or as we watch the farmers cut the hay.

We are about 90%+ members of the same church, which gives us a unity that is often talked about in other communities, but is seldom seen, but it is here. We have people who have lived all over the world on 3 streets alone I have neighbors who have lived in England, Australia, Germany, Chile, Puerto Rico, Japan, Brazil, Sweden, Russia, Poland and many other places.

I could go on, but to sum it all up - this is a wonderful place.
Lee | American Fork, UT
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