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Dublin Ohio: America's best little town
Star Rating - 10/4/2012
I've lived in many places over the decades and been deployed abroad to several other nations, so I've seen a bit of what the world has to offer.

Originally from SW Ohio, about 15 years ago I had the good fortune to purchase a home in Dublin Ohio. While no place is perfect, this little town is nearly perfect for raising a family.

Education options for children (and college-bound kids) is excellent. The schools are well maintained, competently staffed, reasonably administrated and diverse (if that's worth anything to you). I am confident in the education my child is receiving in the Dublin Ohio city school system.

It is a small town with that small town look and feel (corn statues!?) but I'll take that over high-culture and the high-crime that accompanies it any day. It IS truly suburbia! Dublin is that great little town where you can still walk the streets at night with your kids and dog.

Positive points: Dublin Irish Festival, hi-tech sector is strong, Muirfield golfing, great shopping choices, pretty scenery, well-maintained streets, conveniences are close by, steady work for the educated and non-educated alike, nice homes at a decent price, quality utilities, Rec center has much to offer (but it is pricey), relatively non-corrupt local government (sad that in America we need to qualify those statements), much green space, excellent parks and trails throughout.

High tax bracket area, so be prepared for sticker shock on your property bills.
Located next to Hilliard.
Columbus culture is cliquish and they view Dubliners (especially non-native Ohioans) with a bit of disdain or outright suspicion.
Honestly, not much to do unless you like driving through the country.
Infra-structure gets a bit cramped on 270 but relatively trouble free as long as you stay out of Columbus.

Overall: Dublin Ohio, great place to live, as long as you aren't looking for too much excitement (haha!)
Chris | Dublin, OH
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