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Omaha pros and cons
Star Rating - 8/30/2020
This place is great for families and kids, but if you're an empty nester or you're not into the whole having babies thing then it's best to just get out. You'd like it here if you still talk to people from high school and married your first boyfriend/girlfriend. You'd also like it here if you like to binge drink at the same bars on the weekends. You will not like it here if you enjoy professional sporting events, outdoor recreation, or comfortable weather.

Pros: Nebraska nice, good local restaurants, great zoo, CWS

Cons: heavy taxation, it's basically just a sprawling suburbia (oh, and it's highly segregated), nothing pretty to look at - it's just miles of neighborhoods and strip malls, humid as hell in the summer, overcast a lot of the time, high crime, crappy roads, not a lot to do except stuff your face or drink
Danica | Omaha, NE
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- 5/25/2020
Nothing that stands out or wows you
Pros: - Great place for a family with school-age kids - Relatively safe crime-wise, com...
Annie James | Seattle, WA | No Replies

- 4/3/2020
Feels like home
I moved to Omaha in 2017 from Fayetteville,Arkansas. It has been a great choice for us. ...
Angela | Omaha, NE | No Replies

- 3/21/2020
The Big O!
I have lived here for a few years and I like it. I am Asian and moved here, immediately I ...
Mike | Omaha, NE | No Replies

- 2/28/2020
Nebraska is a racist state
Nebraska is only a great place to live if you are a white person, otherwise it is a very r...
Kayla | Omaha, NE | 5 Replies

- 1/18/2020
Terrible city to live in
I've lived in Omaha for almost 33 years. The first 10 were fine. But Omaha has been steadi...
Steve | Omaha, NE | 4 Replies

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