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Dont do it!!
Star Rating - 10/28/2018
Listen to me!!! Do not move to this place!! I was born in this dump and couldnt wait to leave! if you are anything but caucassion your opertunities are very very limited! Do not raise your kids here!!! There is Zero positive influence for them. Turn around now and do not look back, trust me on this. Do not let the oil money trick you. There is a good chance that if you move to Odessa or Midland you will me stuck for the rest of your life and living there will SUCK the life out of you!! I have traveled all over Texas and all over the world and Odessa is so behind in everything from fashion trnds to jobs to education. I beg of you turn around now before its too late!!
Eric | Chesapeake, VA
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This place ain’t for you if you don’t work like a man. Born and raised saw my grandpa and pops work from sun up to sundown. We work for everything we got here so if you can’t work out in the heat or the freezing winters then you don’t belong.
Moses | Odessa, TX | Report Abuse

Please Moses quit lying to these people I was born and raised here lived in other countries and states. This place has nothing going for it besides working and if you think that is what life should be about you have not lived. I work for the school district and lets just say as an insider this school district is trash. However, lets not play around and think this place a utopia. I would have said maybe like 15 years ago it was not so bad but things for kids have just been going away. If you care about your family please do not come here I am currently working on my last degree to get the hell out of here.
sam | Odessa, TX | Report Abuse

I have a highly mixed family, the one thing I love the most about this town is how little racism exists. Everybody will strike up a conversation with you and I've dated every race! If you couldn't make money here your either a pansy or unmotivated with very little knowledge on business economics ... ! ... Glad you don't live here anymore if you feel that way. I find it funny you say that about Jacksonville FL as well and you stayed in that hateful place 10 years... ?? I think it's in the eyes of the beholder ... God Bless You Anyway
Clayton | Odessa, TX | Report Abuse

I've lived here my entire life... I don't see the racism personally we are all Americans here... Some even have more influence from the culture of Mexico being brought over here. It doesn't bother us, as long as you're not trying to change us to see things from your liberal views. We love ALL our neighbors, glad you don't like it here if you think of us all that way.. I have a highly mixed family so go jump.. If you feel you can't make money here in this town you're either a bum or lazy... EVERYONE has an opportunity to do well here. It's not pretty but the people are open minded and open hearted!
Clayton | Odessa, TX | Report Abuse

If upon viewing Odessa in the harsh light of the day, you still opt to move there in spite of what you see with your own two eyes, you deserve what's coming to you.
Count Leopold | Cherry Creek, CO | Report Abuse
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