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Star Rating - 8/6/2018
I grew up here, left for the east coast for a decade, and returned. Now, I regret it every f@cking day!

While not quite in as bad of shape as many other cities in this region and it culturally has a number of offerings, what really makes it bad is it is ultra-conservative socially. You've got racists here, but unlike other places here the racists win. It's very've got this Ohio vs Kentucky and Eastside vs Westside dynamic....there is absolutely no unity. Then, your neighborhood choices are either working class/redneck that are aggressive and pick fights or nouveau riche that think they are entitled. There is almost nothing in between. Not to sound arrogant, but I'm told and am considered to be attractive, polished, and a good dresser. Never had problems fitting in and socializing on the east coast, but in this city I am very actively snubbed. Overall, the people are very rude. Sure, they can be rude on the east coast, but at least there I don't feel like I'm singled out.
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As the saying goes, "perception is reality". Your review is interesting and, whereas, I've observed some of what you're saying, my experience has been fairly different. I've also been here almost a year but am not originally from Cincy. I lived in the South for almost 30 years and have been delighted at how easily people of various backgrounds and races relate to each other HERE. I've seen/heard no racism in this area and I find people overall quite friendly and noticeably more polite and thoughtful than in the South. I am very thankful that I don't run into social justice warriors everywhere and protests in the streets constantly. Rarely does anyone bring up anything political when I'm out socially. If they do, it's a Dem wanting to unload some of their perpetual unhappiness onto others. There is a bit of an undercurrent here of Ohioans thinking their side of the river is better, and that Eastside is nicer (it is) than Westside but it's not a dominant factor in living. Most cities have preferred/not preferred areas and degrees of snobbishness. I like much about Cincy metro except for the weather. Ugh, that has been a big adjustment for me.
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Im with you across the board on this ! IM AN X-PAT LIVING IN MY OWN COUNTRY HERE! I'm a relo from Greenwich Ct and NYC and too agree with everything you wrote about Cincinatti. Theres a very limited mentality with respect to "the real world" and how it functions outside of here. A large component of this very few people own something called a "passport" have never travel abroad, thus posses a very limited scope. The crowning high water mark of achievemnet here.....I'm asked every week..."what high school I went to"??!! REALLY WTF! I'm 50 not 15 what does high school have to do with anything that really matters?! Too, what side of Cincinatti youre from?! What is this? the "Tale of Two Cities" as if theres any real difference, the mentality is all the same regardless? It's like a little high school clique... small inner circles of: what side o'Cinn ya from from, what church you belong to, what neighborhood you live in, what high shool attended, which Ohio College you graduated from....Everything that has nothing to do with the real world outside of here. BTW WHATS-UP WITH THE DRIVING HERE??!!! It's like all the recipients of the Jerry Lewis Telethon were issues drivers liceinces and given one place to drive called Ohio?! To your point about "dressing here" I think Im the only person who actually owns Lacoste shirts and JP Tods driving shoes here in the entire state. The woman here aside from being very over weight all have these Michael Kors bags (which went out of style in the East @15 years ago) and the cutting edge assymetrical haircut that too went the way of mainstream fashion in NYC @10 years ago. Living here is a step backwards in time....Im back in high school literally and figuratively reliving the HELL that it was than with people still my peers. Thank GOD my money goes a VERY LONG WAY here, its amazing how much house I can get in a private gated community atop what my salary gets me here. It can't buy me nice weather, nor put me on a highway among other competant drivers but it afords me the ability to get outta here whenever I feel I need to. Its not a horrible place to live, the people aren't bad its just not a place for people to live in unless you: were born here, went to school here, married here, attend the same church, work here and hang with the same gang that you did growing up......
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