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Living in South Mills, NC
Star Rating - 6/24/2014
The village of South Mills is in Camden County, NC with a population of about 464 people. Mostly white but there are a few blacks by ethnicity of the country records. The community is known for being on the south side of the State Park, Dismal Swamp and is located in part of the protected area. Joy Canal was created by Gen Geo Washington's troops as part of the inter-coastal waterway. The Sheriff's department is the protection, and there is a volunteer fire department. There is a small market and 2 gas stations and several churches. There is a post office in town and several thrift/antique shops and a barber. One of the gas stations has a grill inside with good food of local NC. Most all homes have wells but there is South Mills Water District servicing most homes in the area.

I do not know about the farming area which is vast. There are several creeks for fishing. The Dismal Swamp Recreation area has hiking and bike trails and has camping that you must hike into.

The area is loaded with various trees and was known for Milling thus the name. There are many groves of trees and cleared areas for farming.

Everyone is friendly and easy to speak to, but it is a bit more suspicious if you move into the neighborhood as it takes about 1 year for people to warm up.

There is very little hired work as there is only limited shopping or services but Chesapeake VA, Moyak and Elizabeth City are within 15 miles in 3 directions. There is no commercial chain Grocery Store.

All the kids are bused to school in the central part of the county of Camden, in the village of Camden.

Easy access too the outer banks of North Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean are just a few miles away via back roads to the shore via a ferry or by state highway about 49 miles south is Kitty Hawk, NC.

The town is extremely safe. Very little crime I have seen here... but there is no entertainment for this community outside of what I have already listed since I have been here.

There is a Strawberry Farm that makes home made ice cream that is very good and a local florist and nail parlor... Several people have domestic services and some odd and end jobs like pest service is local. Other services are around within the County but not far in neighboring counties.

Jeannie | South Mills, NC
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