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It is pretty, but expensive and has crowded roads.
Star Rating - 7/30/2019
Expensive housing. Lots of traffic at times, but still many times nicer than the rest of NYC. Staten Island has a few beautiful beaches, and overall most of the people are very nice. Many of the people aren't stereotypical New Yorkers, but some are. The southern part of the Island has less traffic and crime.There is a lot to see and do. There are more wild, undeveloped areas than in other parts of NYC. The southern end of the Island has a suburban feel.
donna | Newark, DE
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Staten Island is mainly a suburban borough where you can find any home style you prefer. Most people do not realize that the Island is separated in many ways from the rest of NYC. I have found that the Island boast many historical sites and landmarks of early America as well as panoramic views from each of the four hilltops. Additionally, the Island is the greenest with acres upon acres of preserve natural parkland. I have found many of the Islanders pleasant, warm and friendly. The South Shore of the Island has the longest commute if one works in Manhattan, however, well worth the commute for peace and quiet. Since the opening of the Verrazano Bridge in 1964 many Islanders have relocated from overcrowded neighborhoods, buildings and apartments in Brooklyn for a touch of a suburban quality of life.
John | Piscataway, NJ | Report Abuse
- 10/6/2018
Do not move here
Low quality of life, expect a 60-90 minute commute if you live here as there are no jobs o...
Amanda | New York, NY | 2 Replies

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