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Star Rating - 2/21/2017
I lived in Meridian at one time. It's one of many places I've lived across the country so I feel I have a lot of places to compare to it.
If you check the crime stats , you will see that it has a high property crime rate. This is exactly my experience in the city. My apartment was cased by next door drug dealers, and most of my belongings were stolen. The maintenance man was involved. I was evicted for mentioning his involvement to the landlord.
This is no "sleepy southern town". Most people I met were very streetwise, and I met a high percentage of people who were "shady".
I suggest doing research on getting into the best part of town, and getting into a nicer apartment complex.
I don't want to promote fear, but better safe than sorry.
Phillip | Augusta, ME
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- 4/27/2015
I flew, too.
Meridian has, essentially 3 parts. In one section, the residents are financially secure a...
Brenda | Collinsville, MS | No Replies

- 6/6/2008
Hope you can stand the humidity and tornado warnin
Gets hot and muggy fast. 2 tornado seasons and a hurricane season to throw in to boot....
Jeff | Meridian, MS | No Replies

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