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Cheap Property Tax but that's about it !!!!!!!!!!
Star Rating - 1/29/2018
We moved to Kingman a while back and we really didn't do our homework, our bad. We read all we could but should have rented before we purchased a home for a permanent move to Kingman. Like the headline says "Cheap Property Tax" but all of Mohave County is reasonable. Kingman has an almost 9.5% sales tax rate, is very dirty and gritty with indigent people begging (sometimes aggressively) on street corners, parking lots and parks. There are no major retailers in Kingman with large outlets except Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Want to go to Target, Kohl’s, BestBuy, Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Dillard’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Trader Joes or anywhere else with a selection you’re going to travel to Lake Havasu, Bullhead City, Henderson NV or Phoenix

BTW to those of you that gave this review a thumbs down..... The Daily Miner Newspaper ran a comment from someone about a neighborhood area in Kingman named "BIRDLAND".
OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE AND IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN OFF RT66 IN KINGMAN ACROSS FROM ABF FREIGHT YOU ARE IN FOR AS BIG OF A SURPRISE AS I WAS WHEN I SAW IT!!!!!!!! You don't have to be rich to be clean or to take pride in where you live so it's not about money. Nuff said :-)

I have to compliment the City of Kingman Police / Fire Depts, Kingman Parks & Recreation and Kingman Municipal Depts as they all do a wonderful job! The Kingman Airport is just a decaying industrial complex with the most horrid of roads and not one commercial airline scheduled flight (apparently it was an airport in WWII so they still call it an “Airport”) so again you need to travel to 2hrs to Las Vegas or 3hrs to Phoenix to catch a flight or pick up family coming to visit. The medical has an extremely low Doctor to patient ratio that leads to a 90+ day wait for an appointment. The KRMC Hospital is good, especially the ER but if you need a specific specialist you’ll be traveling to Las Vegas or Phoenix. Unfortunately we didn’t check out our builder either, Gates Homes owned by Mike and Monica Gates (the current Kingman Mayor) of the new home we purchased and the house literally fell down around us costing us many thousands in out of pocket in mechanical and constant miscellaneous repairs.
In closing I will say the climate is quite enjoyable and if having to drive an 1-3 hours to get anywhere works for you, then have at it :-)

Michael | New Kingman-Butler, AZ
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- 4/18/2019
terrible place
i have lived in Kingman too long its a dirty seedy town in the mohave dessert area wind bl...
jeff | Kingman, AZ | 3 Replies

- 9/20/2018
Please Don't Do This, Saving Money Is Not Worth It
My wife and I moved here from the Midwest for 2 reasons. One, because as a critical needs ...
William | New Kingman-Butler, AZ | 1 Reply

- 7/30/2018
Great views, and affordable place to live.
I have lived in Kingman for 2 years and like it. It has enough shopping and events to keep...
Richard | Kingman, AZ | No Replies

- 5/16/2018
Wow where do I start. Cops who kill their police animals and they just buy them a new one ...
billy | Kingman, AZ | No Replies

- 2/13/2018
If people cared, this could be a decent place
This review is more for New Kingman/Butler, but since they're both considered Kingman by t...
Peter | New Kingman-Butler, AZ | No Replies

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