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Medina,Ohio. A Great Place to Live!!!!!
Star Rating - 2/11/2008
I lived in Medina for 20 years (from 1973 to 1993) and I loved living there because I love living in a small town.
Bp | Akron, OH
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- 8/30/2013
Where everyone should know your name
Medina is small and has nice homes. Everyone seems to know everyone that has kids or has g...
Abby | Medina, OH | No Replies

- 1/18/2010
Just my opinion...
Moved here about three years ago thinking I'd like to get back close to relatives. Seemed...
Robert | Medina, OH | No Replies

- 12/24/2007
Very family friendly
I moved to Medina 4 years ago with my wife. Since then we have had 2 children. We have fou...
Terry | Medina, OH | No Replies

- 6/19/2006
Medina- alot more than you think
County fair, a community band, one of the best library systems in the country, a wonderful...
Fran | Valley City, OH | No Replies

- 3/29/2006
Great place to live
Medina is a wonderful place to raise children. We are from Westlake(Cleveland) originally...
Nancy | Medina, OH | No Replies

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