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Star Rating - 1/18/2010
Moved here about three years ago thinking I'd like to get back close to relatives. Seemed like a wonderful place at first, but the cloudiness will make all but the most bubbly person naturally depressed. The LEAST cloudy month is July, and in July the average is 75% of days are cloudy or partly cloudy! The city has a reputation for being quite snobby (although residents will deny it), and nearby communities dub them the "Medina Millionaires" although lots of money is not a pre-requisite to fit the stereotype! The population is not at all diverse and is generally intolerant of anything that is not "vanilla" --- the city's "International Festival" is a hoot!! Tacos and spaghetti is about as diverse as it gets! Schools are good, although there are endless attempts at increasing property taxes. I heard Medina High School is the largest in the country...I don't know if it's true, but it is waaaay nicer than any other high school I've seen...sure must have cost taxpayers more than a few bucks...strange to see in this mostly rural farmland suburb. Crime is low, and boredom is high...not much going on most of the time. People think it's a great place to raise kids, but maybe it's a great place to SHELTER kids from the real world, a world they might be ill-prepared to face when they grow up. You might love it if you are looking for a cloudy bedroom community. I'm leaving soon.
Robert | Medina, OH
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Medina- alot more than you think
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Great place to live
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