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Good Community.
Star Rating - 5/3/2016
Dewitt, Michigan is a good little community to live in. It offers a good school district for kids, a diverse community to get along with, nice public areas to socialize in, and it is close to the State's capital. Dewitt also offers a number of helpful businesses that range from department stores, to sit down restaurants. However, if you are looking to live in a more rural city, Dewitt will offer a slim selection. Another drawback to Dewitt is the lack of things to do. Going to the park, or out to dinner everyday does get boring after awhile. But as I mentioned, Dewitt is located near Lansing, where there is a wider range of activities to take part in. However, the location of Dewitt also has it's drawbacks as well, such as weather. The weather is never consistent, and if you hate cold winters, you may want to search for something farther south. Despite Dewitt having bad weather and lack of activities, it still does offer a good community to be apart of.
Keith | Dewitt, MI
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- 9/11/2019
Lafay & Croley are the best teachers, move here!
I've lived in DeWitt for 4 years now, I have to say the teachers at DeWitt are my favorite...
Emily | Lansing, MI | No Replies

- 5/3/2016
Decent Place To Live
For the most part, I've really enjoyed living in Dewitt for the past 7 years. The town is ...
Nate | DeWitt, MI | No Replies

- 5/3/2016
Dewitt Culture
Life in Dewitt feels boring. There is not many recreational activities for families to enj...
Cindy | DeWitt, MI | No Replies

- 5/3/2016
DeWitt is a really good place to bring a young family. The school is very good and the ci...
Garrett | DeWitt, MI | No Replies

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