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Miss the simple life
Star Rating - 2/22/2009
Was born in Tyler Texas. Lived in Frankston for my first 19 years of my life. I miss the people, the Dairy Queen, the Homecomming football games and the parade that followed the next day. I miss the simple life of having animals a garden and being able to leave your windows open on a hot summer night. I prayed for graduation to come so I could catch the first thing smoking out of there. Now I live in the DFW metroplex. My job takes me around the country, and everywhere I go there is some type of disaster I have to clean up. The thing I miss the most...Homecomming game we are on defense and the band is playing "Gonna Fly Now" WOW! That always pumped me up. Playing football was something to do. Basketball was good to me. I hit the wnning shot for district against Arp in the final seconds! Baseball was the very best. I only wish that I had tried harder. So now 46, I have a 16 yr old son. I tell him to drink in the memories for they are only for today. Only to be relived in memories. And for those who remember the two most positive people in my life besides my parents were Ms Kathelene Fitzgerald. She taught me to love to read the newspapers with her current event time after lunch. And for putting a foot in my butt when needed. And Mr G.V. Ousley for caring enough to be tough on me, but fair. For comming to my home to let my mother know when I was cutting up in school. A big Thank You to Both of you.
steven | Euless, TX
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