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1988 comparing to present
Star Rating - 1/26/2015
I used to live in Honolulu (in Waikiki)for half a year in 1988. Everything was so cheap except in Waikiki where they usually had the high prices at the "tourist" stores. The rent there was wonderful - two bedrooms at $900 monthly and now it should be over $1,500 or so, I guess. I've heard that the prices there now are high. Remember, years ago it was cheap and now, it is no longer. Many different people really didn't bother me because I was at that time a very open-minded guy who is a white guy. I really enjoyed meeting so many different people, including locals. I felt that we all were as same as human begins, so nothing happened to me there. Many Japanese tourists made me sick because many stores and restaurants always cut the line and let them stand up in lines behind us, including Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, whites, and even locals. That was the most thing I hated commonly. I have been deaf since I was born. I went to fast food restaurants, especially McDonald's and Burger King and asked them for papers and pens to order, but the cashiers insulted me by brining the menu pictures with the Japanese language and I told them that I was not a Japanese. So, I urged to the managers to tell the cashiers to use papers and pens. I was a racist at that time, but they treated me like a third class citizen. Others than that, I never had any problems there. The reason why I left Honolulu was because I had lots of bad experiences from my old best friend who destroyed my new life there. If not for him, maybe I could have lived there longer. I wouldn't mind moving back there one day because of nice environment and nice weather. I've been missed and though of Honolulu terribly lots like it has been like my home in full of my heart. I have been in the process of moving back to Honolulu one day. Luckily I have some friends there.
Christopher | Aspen Hill, MD
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$1500 for a 2-bedroom apartment? Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha...ha. Maybe a studio. Sad.
Lisa | Ewa Gentry, HI
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