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Would not recommend Morristown
Star Rating - 1/25/2012
I have lived in Morristown for over 40 years. I am currently trying to sell my home and leave. Morristown has a huge illegal immigration problem. The city looks like a run down slum anymore. Morristown use to be a great palce to live but not anymore. Meth houses, illegal alliens, and prostution rings are the only things still thriving in Morristown. Home values are on the decline above the national average. Industry is moving out. Only jobs left are minimum wage fast food jobs. Even though I currectly have my home for sale, I would not recommend someone from out of this area to move here.
Darrell | Morristown, TN
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Morristown use to be a decent town when I grew up now that all the illegals moved in and crime went up not a decent place visit family once in awhile but would not live there glad I moved my family away
Danny | Temple, TX
- 7/27/2012
Not for the 20-35 set
I've lived here for about 22 yrs, the best of those being from age 5 to 18. Morristown is ...
Rene | Morristown, TN | No Replies

- 4/7/2009
Morristown, TN - Climate
Compared to TX, the weather in East TN is pretty nice during the summer months. That has ...
Landon | Mooresburg, TN | No Replies

- 12/26/2008
I love Morristown
Just found this site today. I Read a few of the remarks on here. I moved to Morristown 30 ...
michael | Morristown, TN | No Replies

- 8/23/2008
Swapping Enviorments can be a huge improvement
I am speaking for my customer and sharing some of their oppion and reasoning for making th...
Bp | Bean Station, TN | No Replies

- 9/6/2007
Morristown is not heading in a great direction
My husband and I sold our home in Melbourne Florida, looking to relocate to a quieter comm...
Jessica | Bybee, TN | 1 Reply

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