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Once a great area, now a drug and ceime ridden are
Star Rating - 12/30/2019
I have lived in the Lakeway area my whole life ( I am in my late 40s ). While it was a one time the perfect area to live in, Morristown and its local leaders are ruining this beautiful area.

1. The ILLEGAL immigrant population continues to grow, unchecked, at an alarming rate.

2. There are two huge homeless camps inside the city limits with the largest being under HWY 25 as it crosses HWY 11. The Mayor as well as other Morristown leaders have been notified numerous times but continue to take no action. They pretend to not know hoping that their failure to act will go unnoticed. All the while local businesses are facing huge amounts of theft. These young, drug riddled vagrants area presence all over our town. Our local leaders do not care about the responsible people in our community.

3. Our county jail is over crowded to the point that it has made national news. I believe that criminals are to be punished for their crimes. I believe that most criminals are treated to well in our criminal justice system. However, we consistently house 60+ federal prisoners that our jail can not support. Our sherrif says that they have no choice because that money is built into their budget. This is a perfect example of the poor judgement of our local leaders.

4. Crimes like, theft, drug crimes and prostitution are growing faster than you could imagine in our area. They grow at an alarming rate.

While all of this goes on, we continually remodel our city and county buildings, replace our sidewalks (which are fine), and paint "bike route" markings on roads that are not used by cyclists. All so we look like a great place to live. If you are not bothered by high crime rates, a large homeless population, drug users, and irresponsible leaders then the Lakeway Area is for you. As for me, I have asked for help with what I have seen. I have sent emails and letters begging for some response about what actions we are taking. I have NEVER received a response. Trust me, the only thing that matters in this community, is locla politicians saving face by hiding these problems. I am currently doing my best to leave Hamblen County and it will not take long. Allnthe good, responsible folks are leaving. Morristown is on a hard downward spiral with no end in sight. It is sad, but it is true.
Jim | Russellville, TN
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