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Pretty Great Year-round But HOT in Summer
Star Rating - 5/18/2008
I've read a lot of news articles and such explaining that many people are migrating to my home town because of the climate. Lately, people are (understandably) tired of dealing with fires, earthquakes, water pipe-cracking cold, snow, and the like. So, they move here where it almost never snows (even if it does, it's a light, wispy slush that melts almost as soon as the sun rises).

However, when the season turns hot, it turns REALLY hot here. And, probably sooner than most other places. For example, it's 102.2 degrees F right now. The National Weather Service has issued an "Excessive Heat Warning". My air conditioner has not stopped running almost all day. My last electricity bill was over $200 (the next one will probably be $300+). And, it's forecasted to be near 110 degrees F by Tuesday. Ick!

I've lived here nearly 37 years and every summer is the same - except for a few "monsoon" showers in July and August, it's oppressively, beat-you-into-the-ground HOT. It's so bright and so hot that barely anyone goes outside - we just go from air-conditioned box to air-conditioned box. Even the hardened construction workers don't work after about 11:00 AM - they start at 5:00 AM or so, before the sun has risen, and they finish before lunch, avoiding the sun as much as possible.

I'm to the point where I LOVE overcast, rainy, cold, windy days. I'm considering moving to Portland, OR or Bellevue, WA or some place like that. To each his own, I guess. Those migrants can have Scottsdale, AZ - I'm outta' here!
Bob | Scottsdale, AZ
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