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Overall Cost of Living
Star Rating - 11/13/2005
The overall is quite high fees taxes are out of porportation for the services rendered. Therte seems to no middle class economy everything from license plates for a auto to high property tax with very little services provided form police or fire.
example $ 250.00 to license a 1500 cc 1996 mototcycle is a little out of line. Drug usage quite high in the adult community people can't pass drug test.
art | Wartrace, TN
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Sierra Vista is beautiful and there is so much natural beauty there... but the taxes are not reasonable for services provided or proportionate with other similar sized communities in the rest of the country. The property taxes and local zoning make property ownership a bit difficult there. First planning and zoning seems to have vague guidelines that change depending on who you present paperwork to. We ended up hiring a hispanic man to turn in the paperwork we had attempted to turn in 3 different times for some remodeling work, and it passed when he presented it. That never really sat well with us. Planning and zoning hand out new building permits pretty freely, in spite of the water issues, so not much in the way of considering growth regulation seems to be going on. Roads within the city limits, and taxed as such, do not recieve any kind of maintenance. All in all, there are a lot of great people on City Council and in the community, but the taxes, and neither county or city taking on any accountabilty for what they tax us for is a bit of a downer to say the least.
Heather | Sierra Vista, AZ | Report Abuse

You are blaming a CITY for your license plate fees? Are YOU the one on drugs? Try talking about the state of AZ on that issue and quit saying taxes are too high based on "seems" without any facts or numbers. Taxes SEEM too high everywhere to most people.
jon | Pueblo, CO | Report Abuse
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