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Don’t bother
Star Rating - 8/10/2019
Ocala is a good ol boy town with confederate flags and right wingers. If that’s your style you will love it here. Cost of living is low, paychecks are even lower. The traffic light system is not set up for traffic flow but for traffic congestion and there is a lot of that. Some say the slowest baddest drivers live here. Crime is very high.
Mark | Ocala, FL
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Are Confederate flags (southern pride and all) not displayed in all the southern states and towns? I thought right wingers are everywhere except CA & NY! You must not be aware that many of them are moving to Florida trying to escape the high tax fiscal disasters & entitlement spending they voted for and supported! You need to visit Orlando and watch the 1-4 parking lot while they TOLL you if you think Ocala has a traffic issue. Low pay is everywhere if you don't have an education, trade, or skill (clean up on isle 4, ding fries are done!!) LOL! Real crime was the Cuban crime wave in Miami during the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s (proving what unchecked immigration can do!), all the LA gangs, and all the mobsters up north, you must not know what true crime is.
David | Ocala, FL
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