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Morganton is small, safe yet close enough to large
Star Rating - 4/12/2011
Actually grew up in Morganton, NC and it is a small town in the foothills of western NC. Outdoor possibilities are quite endless with Lake James, Mtns, State Parks etc. Culture on the other hand is very limited and even though it does have a liberal arts community college, the mind set is fairly closed minded. One hour west is Asheville, NC and there are many cultural events to enjoy in that city. Morganton is a good place to raise a family in a quiet subdued kind of way. I would suggest you visit several times before actually transplanting.
Bp | Siesta Key, FL
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I once lived in morganton nc loved it there it was my home still is in my heart was born n raised in Caldwell County nc n moved to morganton around 2001 lived there for 6or 7 years after financial problems moved back to Caldwell County n now reside in Leland nc. It's too fast paced for me here Maxwell be living in New York City lol but anyhow my home will be morganton nc can't say one thing bad about it if by some reason it ever happens I'd move back in a heartbeat good people there most are played back my kinda people can't say too much about other than I miss it very much. Doug Williams
John | Leland, NC

Agreed, on all aspects. Having moved to Morganton from Southern California 7 years ago I can attest to a community that is more homogeneous than cultured. However, in the 7 years I have been here I increasingly meet people who have moved here from other states: Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. So the cultural fabric of Western North Carolina is changing. Slowly changing. Everything happens slowly here. This can be relaxing but sometimes frustrating because the customer service and communication is lacking in most cases. One other aspect that may concern someone wanting insight to the town is that after dark there is virtually nothing open accept Wal-Mart and a grocery store. Overall, Morganton is safe, beautiful, affordable, and kept clean.
Huntington | Morganton, NC
- 5/19/2015
Life in Morganton
Will be transplanting from the suburbs of Philadelphia and have visited Morganton on our w...
martha | Southampton, PA | No Replies

- 11/12/2014
Living in Morganton nc
It is the best place for schools. cost of living is great. Homes are cheap and affordable....
linn | Saint Augustine, FL | 1 Reply

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