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not bad
Star Rating - 12/21/2019
alright well, i dont know the city well, but here are some of my impressions. i had just come from ny, so i was used to people being very rude, so needless to say, new orleans seemed friendly. people greeted you, and generally are helpful. again, coming from ny, it was heavily segregated. white people socialized with whites, and blacks with blacks, but in new orleans, it seemed that blacks, and white associated with one another. you also get better bargains in new orleans. you can get a bufet on weekday lunches for only $10, but in ny, you only get a steak sandwich for that price, and not even a good one. the one major disdvantage nola has is that it is too hot, and wet. hotels too. in nola you get big nice rooms, whereas in ny you get small old rooms for $100. the downtown new orleans area seems to have a lot of thugs standing on the street, maybe even more than ny. when i saw that, it reminded me of ny.
erick vallely | Miami, FL
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