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Mendocino is so beautiful
Star Rating - 5/17/2008
I love Mendocino, it gets a little foggy here though. There is practically no crime here compared to other places.
Jefree | Little River, CA
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I have lived almost my enitire life in California and I am just about a Senior. I have traveled widely thought the state, country, and the world. Mendocino is a little jewel of a town that few can compare to with a magical setting along a rocky coast. Whoever first thought of the phrase "good things come in small sizes" may have been inspired by this gorgeous little gem. Unfortunately I only came upon it about 15 years ago and I have made 5 visits since then. If one wants to get a brief "feel" for it before actually visiting, I would recommend the great class "East of Eden" with James Dean that was filmed here (along with the town of Salinas). No one can deny that Mendocino is special. I am pretty particular by nature but when I return to Mendocino I am just completely satisfied that I am in a place worthwhile and one can easily "lose yourself" is this prettiest of small towns. I advice many people that in my opinion the highlights of California are: Yosemite Valley, parts of San Francisco (bordering the bay) and Mendocino (not necessarily in that order). I would highly recommend anyone to see it to be sure to take Highway 128 (lined with Redwoods) leading off from Highway 101 (heading north from San Francisco). B&Bs tend to be expensive in town, an alternative would be to drive north to Fort Bragg (and ugly but spirited town) or Noyo Harbar (below the bridge that leads into town) where there is a modest motel. The town of Caspar (several miles N of Mendocino) has an old hotel with 4 rooms for the adventursome. Plenty of camping near town weather allowing (it can be very foggy and cold in winter, early spring, or late fall). Anytime of year this town is worth a visit depending on your tolerance for irratic weather, most would obviously prefer the summer keeping in mind weekends can be busy with tourists. About 5 hours north of San Francisco but well worth the drive.
Mike | Los Angeles, CA
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