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Terrible Place to Raise Kids
Star Rating - 7/21/2011
I have found Lakeville to have many amenities and its nice its so close to the Twin Cities. HOWEVER, unless have bunches of money in your pocket or are a local you will find Lakeville a terrible place to live. Lakeville is the clickiest place I have ever lived and I, and many others hate it. It is a very political motivated environment which is hostile unless you become one of the Lakeville zombies. I have spoken to others that have lived in Lakeville and moved away, and they have the same comments. DON'T move here to raise kids, unless you have money, or are buddies with the local clicks, you don't stand a chance.
Betty | Lakeville, MN
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I agree with you 100%!! I moved here from another state a few years ago. We are leaving to find a friendlier place without all the cliques! My kids were bullied here by both students and teachers. The school did nothing to help them. Blamed them for being "out of towners"!! Stay away unless you are a local and have tons of money!!
Dawn | Lakeville, MN | Report Abuse
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