Review of Lakeville, Minnesota

The southern Twin Cities has pros and cons
Star Rating - 6/8/2018
I’ve grown up in Lakeville for 20 years. I know this area better than the back of my hand.

The schools are excellent, especially North HS. The housing is cheap and there are plenty of new developments. Crime is super low in Lakeville.

However, I honestly do not like it here. The weather is just awful, either frozen arctic or unbearable mid-summer humidity and there is enough swamp and woodland to bring in hoards of mosquitoes in the summer. The farm community has kept the area painfully slow-paced and boring (not to mention very white). If you want to go to the cities to do something, you’ll probably face unwanted traffic on 35 or Cedar.

Believe it or not, the twin cities is a fantastic metropolitan area compared to the rest of the Midwest. It’s safe and cheap. People are nice, but not very welcoming. The air is cleaner most of the time. Still, if you want better weather and more to do, move to either coast and never look back. I’m moving West!
Sam | Rosemount, MN
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